PEN Worldwide is proud to have the Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC)
as one of key events in the calendar of Practice Enterprise activities.

The GEC is a unique business-related case competition for the trainees of Practice Enterprises worldwide.

Competition Format

Students representing different countries work in multinational teams on an internationally-based case study. With up to two hours of preparation time on the morning of the GEC, teams have to identify the challenges, opportunities, and risks involved in a global business by examining a real-world business case study. Teams present their findings to a panel of judges, where they compete against other teams in two different rounds of presentations.


Unique Experience

The competition is a great opportunity for trainees to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in a Practice Enterprise program. Trainees rely on their own abilities and push their boundaries when it comes to rhetorical, analytical, and communication skills.

The GEC has proven to have participants end the day building capacities around real-world business scenarios and improving their communication and presentation skills, while making new acquaintances and contacts from around the world.


Get Involved

Here at EUROPEN, we always welcome new and returning volunteers, mentors, and industry professionals that are interested in working with our staff and students at the Global Enterprise Challenge and other EUROPEN events.

If you are interested in judging one of the Global Enterprise Challenge this year, in Seoul, South Korea or in Sinsheim, Germany, please check out the Judges page.


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